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Hi guys!so,i am done with school work and diesases adnow i found some free time to make a music that i called ''Mainstream Memory''.Fuckin check it out

It is spanky

i made a song

2012-10-19 17:26:11 by Fudgehog7

i did dated=1

im leavin newgrounds

2012-10-06 18:12:11 by Fudgehog7

it is getting boring to me and i can1t do music and i have more important stuff to do

new shit song i am makin

2012-09-25 20:50:48 by Fudgehog7

Hi guys,tuesday shit-speak time!!!
So,today shiz we are talking about...
MY NEW TRANCE SONG!!!*Fail Song trumpets*
Ok,i think you wasn't waiting for this,becuase nobody actually cares!xD!But now,srsly,i am making atrance-ish song.Yes,i still use the LMMS.Father or is runnin low on cash or he is just a dumbass fagster,cu he wont buy me Cubase Logitch and FLS top edition.CMON FATHER THATS ONLY 2K DOLLARS!!!XD
But,no jokes.LMMS seem to be a little cheap piece of shit,but it is a good alternative for those who have no cash or buying way to get it (logitech and father i m lookin to you)
Ok,thats what i wanted to talk
i dunno when it will be out,but when it do...FUCK YOU!xD

Hey guys!

Just for start,you are nice becuase you are reading this.

Now,lets g serious.I am talking about the usic that i plan to take be back in the saddle,back in NG music market.It is a electronic music called My Little Dream!I made it all myself,with no help.Except the help of the buckets after eating that 5-year old tacos i stored for this moment.Oh,that were good times.
This song is a Drum n Bass song (DnB) and i would enjoy SOOOOO much if you give it a look!

Don't forget to click in ''5'',fan me if you like ang give me suggestions so i can get better every day!

Peace out

Hey Guys!!!!

2012-09-19 15:15:08 by Fudgehog7

Hey guys,check Ravencoar's musics!They are nice!

THis new design...

2012-02-25 16:51:52 by Fudgehog7

It is sooooooooo awesome,i might eat it becasue of it's good taste

I Missed All Of You!!

2011-11-25 07:08:15 by Fudgehog7

Hey Fans And Friends Hello!!!!I Missed All Of You!
So...I Just Came Here To Say I Will Have A Production Hiatus,Cause My Computer Is Broken And I Still Using My Father's Notebook.
Oh,And I Am Training Some Grapix.
And I Will Start Working In A POM Parody With My POM2 Band Game Over Whatever When I Come Back To Flash8

Fudgehog7-Administrator of SonicaClub And Musical Producer

New Dubstep Song :D

2011-10-19 18:25:41 by Fudgehog7

Name:Remember Those Days:Demo
Is This New Shit Demo I Made.Look To It Guys XD!!!!!!!!


2011-10-15 13:43:38 by Fudgehog7

Title Says All.My Music Isn't Bad Enough For A 0,But Worth For a 6,or a 5 if you will make a review.i am tired of people zero me.